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In the name of the Almighty Creator of all worlds

Trials and tribulations are but a test, for us, to be a better person. A better individual so that the society we’re in will become a better place. A special place in our heart, which will decide the shape of person you wanna be, and this place could be much brighter than tomorrow.

If you care enough, you will at least try…

If you care enough, you will know the

re are ways to get there…

If you care enough, you can make the world a better place…

As it is entitled in this cover video, done beautifully by 45 amazing talented children of the world, we all have our individual duty to Heal this world of ours. To do so, you have to believe, that you can, for you, for Me, and for the entire human race.

This article, written on behalf of myself wanting to recuperate from a destructive chain of event, May the Lord Almighty gave myself the power to heal myself and therefore start the chain reaction,so that I can then play my part to be caring enough, to Heal the World. One small step each day, Heal the world we live in, save it for our children.

Video by Maati Baani Youtube channel (Link:

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Welcome, fellow travellers of the cyber world, netizen from far away and near…

To our humble archives, gathering spot for our family’s self actualization.

Inspired by the illustration of our brothers and sisters at The Muslim Show, so that our future children and grandchildren can learn and be furher inspired.

In the Name of the Almighty who created.. Please do enjoy our website.